A cat eating a mouse

Andrew Bauer
Lead Editer & Graphical Designer
A man of many talents, Andrew has projected his work all over the world in visually guided theatrics on Broadway and beyond. His best talent and time is spent in a dark room, hunched over, fine-tuning the minute pieces to the perfect graphics package your project craves. As the lead editor on The Fine Living Network series, "Any Given Latitude", he built the foundation for all of IMPULSE's HD broadcast shows

Mitch Goldman
Director, Producer
Mitchell cut his teeth producing small guerilla projects for advertising giant TBWA/Chiat/Day. He cultivated his skills and keen eye working on bigger and bigger projects ranging from music videos and short films eventually taking him to national 30-second commercial spots and feature films. His advertising experience coupled with his TV and film work, have made him the go-to guy when IMPULSE has branded entertainment projects. http://www.q2ent.com/

Mat Lynch
Cameraman & Editor
Currently immersed in shooting and editing a feature length documentary on the (new) "Students for a Democratic Society", Mat has the gift of being an amazing storytelling editor, who has the vision and skills to shoot the story while simultaneously editing it in his head. An extremely dedicated artist, he has put himself in the protest movement by SDS and almost in jail. When not crossing the line of journalist and cellmate, Mat refines his work at IMPULSE with projects as diverse as UTN1: An Iraqi Boy Band to the corporate videos of the "strip mall maker", Stanbery Development.

Bill Kalatsky
Producer and Casting Agent
A rare breed of actor, writer and producer, Bill "Orson Wells" Kalatsky fills the IMPULSE office with his boisterous laughter and outrageously innovative and memorable pitches. Always the best casting director, Bill still finds time to provide IMPULSE with several pending pitches soon to be on air.

Dan Buonsanto
Director of Photography
A true visual artist, Dan has the passion and skills to make anything he captures through his lens into a stunning display of composition and lighting, where every aspect of the image has meaning. His work on features, like "Bad Thing Gone Worse" and "Mr. Las Vegas" helped secure his position with IMPULSE as the lead DP. Specializing in highly stylized videos from the corporate to fashion worlds he has recently added a collection of some of the most captivating shots of 2 year olds in the IMPULSE original pilot, "Pre-School Confidential".

Steve Korian
Producer, IOMEDIA President
As the initial collaborator with IMPULSE, Steve and his 3D animation company, io-media, co-produced hundreds of videos, from a 40 foot screen projection at the Meadowlandís Xanadu shopping center to a virtual tour of the new New York Yankee stadium to life-like views inside the human body for Pfizer. http://www.io-media.com

Brian Jones
President of Bang Music, Partner in Warning Records
A very tall man and former collegiate basketball player, Brian was always able to see the most opportunity ahead in his musical career. After working at the William Morris Agency, he joined up with Bang Music, composing a range of work in commercials and television, proudly counting hundreds of major advertising and corporate companies as clients.

Nicole Leavenworth
Director of Marketing
Nicole has a background in the Internet and high finance, making her the perfect woman who can handle IMPULSE's diverse marketing needs. From viral videos to making sure that our videos have the right marketing message, Nicole finds what is needed and gets the word out there.

Jamie Urman
An award-winning Director of Photography from Palo Alto, California, Jamie received a Masters in Cinematography from the American Film Institute (AFI). His professional experience includes a broad spectrum of formats, including Narrative, Documentary, Commercial, Music Video, and Television. Always ready for an on-the-spot, out-of-the box creative thought, Jamie once convinced a construction worker to let him use a 40 foot lift to capture the ideal shots in IMPULSE's "The Making of Forza 2" HD series.