Matt Meyer Matt Meyer
Founder, President of Development & Production
Producer and editor extraordinaire, Matt's work can be seen on A&E, The History Channel, MTV, VH-1, The Fine Living Network, GamePlayHD and countless other networks. Gifted with top ten hand-eye coordination in the country; he's constantly ready to take the creative impulse to the next level.
David Allensworth David Allensworth
Executive Producer
With a background as an Executive in Development for VH1 and currently pitching ten of Impulseís shows, David has had his hands in the creation and production of a variety of television pilots and series. David mastered the HD format as a Supervising Producer for Rainbow Media and continues to create and produce original television shows.
Mia Kaminsky Mia Kaminsky
Senior Producer, Casting Director
Demanding more energy than 20 producers, Mia ignited the drama in many reality shows by casting the crazies we love to watch and producing their stories. She has created headlines in The New York Times and The New York Post from her work in the syndicated shows Shipmates and Blind Date, and she cast TLC's Date Patrol, and Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. As a show producer for NBC-Universal's Home Delivery and E! Network's #1 Single, Mia brings out the stories everyone wants to watch.
Victor Gallo Victor Gallo
From writing, directing and editing, Victor is a producer who loves working as the team leader, but can just as easily work independently. Working with Fortune 500 clients to almost uncontrollable actors in his highly acclaimed internet series, ‘Isn’t life delicious’, Victor balances his professional demeanor and sometimes sophomoric humor in the most dignified way. IMPULSE is backing his current scripted dark comedy, “Live Nude Girls” which has generated a considerable amount of interest from several networks.

Erin Johnson Erin Johnson
Editor & Graphic Designer
An Impulse intern before graduating from the acclaimed School of Visual Arts in Film Editing, Erin showed herself as an obvious prodigy and was immediately adopted into the Impulse Family. She continues to feed her addiction to documentaries, as she recently was lead-editor on the Joebama, covering the inner workings of The 2008 Presidential campaign.  Erin shares her expertise by teaching a filmmaking class at the 92nd Street Y during the summers, and is known to take care of foster kids from time to time, so if you need a hot meal and a bed give her a call.
Nathan Firer Nathan Firer
Associate Producer
Still running from the law, Nathan is a non-practicing attorney who finally returned to New York to pursue a more creative life.  In his former life, Nathan worked on the editorial side for George, Vibe, Spin, and The Princeton Review, and has done freelance business development for several NY-based companies. As the black sheep of Impulse, Nathan blends in as a chameleon of sorts by doing PR, marketing, production, casting and script writing.